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Used Cars For Sale

Visiting used car dealers can be very intimidating, tense and fraught with anxiety, in short, "A Nightmare Experience". I can help you to find your next ideal vehicle without the uncomfortable sales pressure you invariably encounter in most dealerships.

Our Motto is "Pay LESS get MORE" we all work hard for our money, it's nice to think that we can help You to stretch it further, it could be the difference between buying a 3-year-old car from one of the main Main Dealers out there or getting a two-year-old car from us for the same price, it's Your Money and of course Your choice!

We firmly believe and enforce that the Customer is Queen and King in that order, we know who the Boss is and who really wears the trousers, although when I have been previously employed at Big Dealerships, I have heard salespeople say "This job would be great if it weren't for the customer's".

At A Car 2 Go Ltd we know and accept that if it weren't for the precious commodity known as YOU "The Customer" then we wouldn't have an industry and hence no jobs, so please come to A Car 2 Go Ltd where You will definitely notice the difference in our sales process as we give You a courteous greeting and then leave You alone to make an informed choice based on multiple actions including of course your due diligence.

We also believe in the whole truth and nothing but the truth so if we have replaced a bulb, tyre, brakes, wiper blade or just had a paint repair carried out on a bumper corner then we will disclose this to You.

A Car 2 Go Ltd

A Wealth of Experience in Used Car Sales

My name is Mark Duncan I am the Company Director at A Car 2 Go Ltd. When it comes to selling used cars I do things very differently to the Dealers. I have nearly 31 years of experience in used car sales in and around Aylesbury.

I only sell quality used cars and specialise in one owner vehicles up to 3 years old with a full service history, though I can and do supply any car. With my Motor Trade contacts up and down the country, I can easily find the vehicle that you are looking for, anything from a very basic starter car for somebody that has just passed their driving test, to the mid-range family car suitable for all, right up to the top of the range, Luxury, Executive or 4X4 model range. all makes, all models, all budgets!

I use my Motor Trade search facilities to look at fresh stock which is offered on a daily basis from over 1,000 new and used car dealers, major leasing companies, ex-daily rental companies and end of lease return vehicles, I will then offer you the very best deal on the car of your choice. With my many years of experience in buying and selling used cars, I have developed a talent for spotting blemishes and potential difficulties which most members of the public would more than likely not see.

Used Cars from A Car 2 Go Ltd are Fully Checked

Did you know that used car dealers are not legally obliged to tell you that a car has been involved in an accident unless you ask them a direct question?

We constantly use all of our expertise to provide members of the public and business users with the same level of exemplary Service.

All cars from A Car 2 Go Ltd get a thorough quality check before delivery including:

  • Free: Full service (if due within the next 4,000 miles) based on a 12,500 mile service interval.
  • Free: Full Safety Check incorporating Lights & Levels top up & Road Test.
  • Free: MOT (If less than 4 Months Remaining)
  • Free: HPI check and Certificate Issue.
  • Free: Professional Valet inside and out.
  • Free: Full set of Mats.
  • Free: Valuation of your current car.
  • Free: Part Exchange Facility available, (Subject to a Mutual agreement on Price)

All cars come with a 3 Month Basic Warranty (This does not contravene your Statuatory-Rights) and all at our "No Haggle Fair Price".

All of this means that you will save a lot of your hard earned money when buying your next used car from A Car 2 Go Ltd!

You're more than Comfortable with A Car 2 Go Ltd

What you don't feel is as important as what you do. We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience of changing your car, we won't be pressurising you into buying extras or finance, however they are available if required.

We do have a Duty of Care to point out the value of having them, however we won't ram them down your throat and if you don't buy them I won't get one of my colleagues, (The Closer) to talk you into it as they have a habit of doing in Dealerships.

All used cars at A Car 2 Go Ltd are priced well below those at other used car dealers, you will also get more personal attention from us, we will not make you feel as if you are on a production line or that when you walk in all that we see are ££££ Pound Signs.

You will still get a Main Dealership experience, (We will even make you a nice cup of Hot Chocolate, Coffee or Tea) just without the added pressure!

Bucks Business Excellence Award Winner

In the Bucks Business Excellence Awards I won the "Boss of the Year title" when I was a Sales Manager at the biggest Main Dealership in Aylesbury: I also won that PLC's Group Sales Manager of the year Award amongst many other accolades; Please be assured that my standards and that of my Team will exceed your expectations.

A Car 2 Go Ltd has won a Highly Commended award in the prestigious Car Dealer Magazine annual awards ceremony, the prize category was the 50-100 total Monthly used car sales figures.

The Award Ceremony was held at the brewery in London, we were sent an invitation only finalist attendee request for the National Annual awards ceremony, it turned out to be an outstanding evening of rubbing shoulders with many of the Motor Trades Finest talented individuals and teams.

Car Dealer Magazine were outstanding hosts and Mike Brewer was a fine and talented MC for the night, he managed to keep everything moving in what was a superbly organised event.

Our latest achievement to date has been that we are now listed as one of the very few car dealers in Buckinghamshire that are members of the Trading Standards Buy With Confidence Scheme, a Truly Outstanding Testament to the way in which we are viewed by our Customers and one that we aim to uphold as everybody here at A Car 2 Go Ltd are Exceptionally Proud of this Award.

We get a very high level of repeat business from our current customers, we also get a massive amount of referral business from them, their word of mouth is our best advertising tool.

Please call us on 01296 632634, or on my mobile number 07878246956, to find out how much A Car 2 Go Ltd can help you save when buying your next used car.

Your current car regardless of its age, mileage or condition is Welcome as a part exchange against any of our vehicles, we will also take multiple cars in part exchange against just one of ours!

We also offer what we call a Reverse Trade, i.e. If your car is worth more then ours then we will pay you the difference in cash, this is also known as a "Cash Back Deal".

We also Buy cars for Cash, and unlike "webuyanycar.com" we won't charge You an admin fee that comes out of Your car price; The Office of Fair Trading found that nearly 96 per cent of customers who sold their car to "webuyanycar.com" received less for their vehicle than the original website valuation, beware that You don't get sucked in and then spat out by these razor sharp characters!

Regardless of whether you are just selling or have found a car elsewhere and they are not offering what you consider to be a fair price, simply give us call to arrange an appointment to get a valuation of your car, I don't give figures over the phone, I have to see it with my own eyes first to be able to give you a firm price. Remember to bring your Documents, I may be giving you a lift home...